Friday, November 03, 2006


I thought I'd share some fun clips of Asterix I found on youtube. Although I don't understand a lick of the language, I still love the characters. Enjoy!!


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Great clips! Thanks for sharing. You've got some great stuff here. I'm making my way through your archives and having a great time ;)

Rob Lilly said...

Thanks for taking the time to browse through Slim. Hope your journey had enough visuals along the way.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Astrix rules!!! Awesome job on the "Red Necks" trailer dude, can't wait to see more!!

warren said...

I got a laff out of your Rednecks trailer! Those old Asterix clips are a riot. Kinda clunky, hey? Fun anyway!

Hey, I did some boards on the new Asterix flick (which I'm sure you know is out already). If you want to drop by, you can see two sequences HERE.

More on the new movie HERE too...Found your blog via the BLOreGard blog.


Pat Pakula said...

great asterix clips! the rednecks trailer is killer!
tomorrow's the big day- u of m and ohio. i hate ohio.

Anonymous said...

The language of the clip of Asterix is Italian. Exactly "Sicilian" like the Godfather himself.:) Nice work!

Anonymous said...

These are fun videos to watch! I'm loving your Rednecks in Space too!

Chris said...

Hey Rob, just found your blog. Awesome work! Do you happen work at Six Point Harness? I actually was able to visit last Spring and have Brendan show me around. They've got some great stuff going on there!

I also see you survived Detroit a few years back! Any chance you went to CCS? I'm an Illustration freshmen here looking into the animation biz down the road. Any advice?

Thanks a lot and I'll be checking for new blazzin' drawin's.


Arschblog said...

I love Asterix! I know these character since I was a (very) little child! I remember that we watch it in the cinema at X-mas. After the DDR they show all the movies in TV. Now the studios produce many new movies and some reality movies. The comics from Asterix and Obelix are great and funny too!:)

bsleven said...

This is my first time visiting your blog.

Your Artwork is so cool. I really like it.

: )